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Dock Deck and Brock Dock

Dock Deck and Brock Dock systems are just one part of a complete line of durable, all-vinyl products designed to help you transform your outdoor living space. Our Stylish, code-compliant railings help you complete the look.

Dock Deck and Brock Dock. systems are built to last. Weather-resistant, 100% vinyl with UV protection ensures that your deck’s beauty will endure the elements for years to come. So while some other decks become faded, discolored or even rotted over time, Dock Deck and Brock Dock systems maintain their beauty year after year.

In addition, the Clip Strip fastening system keeps screws hidden and ensures that Brock™ Dock planks are spaced uniformly—while managing and controlling the natural expansion and contraction that occurs under temperature extremes.

Dock Deck and Brock Dock systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure its aesthetic appeal and lasting structural integrity. Products are tested for weathering and structural performance, as well as building code compliance. All tests are validated by an accredited independent laboratory (IAS, International Accreditation Service).

Color: Alpine White, Desert Tan, Dove Gray